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We want you to be successful online.

While marketing your business online isn’t rocket science;

It may not be very easy… Unless you know what to do.

Focus on these 3 areas & kick ass online!

1. Your Website

Your business headquarters.

2. Your Reviews

Let your customers describe the amazing experience you deliver.


3. Your Authority

Display your expert knowledge.

Your website is your business’s foundation online.

Make your best first impression with an amazing site.

Your Website

Your business headquarters.

1. Optimize your site for search.


You probably search “facebook” and click the first link in Google, instead of going directly to “facebook.com”.

That’s how most of the world does it. Make yourself present where your customers are looking.


2. Make your site fast.


When’s the last time you left a website because it wouldn’t load? Slow sites are frustrating and lose money.

Amazon found they can increase revenues with a 0.1 second faster site. Keep your website updated & your customers happy.


How We Help

We help with incredible website hosting on our Foundation Plan; which includes website success reports and updates every month. We also offer website enhancements like live chat, email offers, & event calendars to keep your customers engaged.

Prospective customers want to know what to expect.

Help them with real reviews from your past customers.

Your Reviews

Let your customers describe the amazing experience you deliver.

1. Ask your customers.


Reviews from 3rd parties on independent sites can boost your online marketing, & are more powerful than just telling people you’re great.

Imagine saying to a soon-to-be customer, “Check out what’s being said on Facebook/Google/Yelp/Etc.”

Why not ask your next customer to review your business? Share the impact they will have for extra incentive.


2. Ask them frequently.


Being diligent with asking your customers for a review is only half of the puzzle. You also have to make sure they follow through and actually post a review online.

It’s never too early to let your customers know how they can leave you feedback online.

Why not add a link to your email signature asking for a review? You might be surprised by the repsonse!


How We Help

We help with review software that automatically asks your best customers for a review online in Buzzzjet STARS. We also offer a business info AUDIT or directory profile CLEAN-UP service for your retail locations.

Demonstrate your knowledge & show customers you’re the expert.

Help them understand your niche and what differntiates you.


Your Authority

Display your expert knowledge.

1. Your social profiles.


If you’re experienced in your industry; you’ll share the things that interest you on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, et al.

Why not share industry news and content related to your work. Use a tool like Hootsuite to automate your posting!


2. Your blog content.


If you’re extremely knowledgable & a master of your craft, you’ll write unique articles about your customers, industry, or niche.

Help your customers understand the basics of your business. Share your best work in case studies with successful customers!


How We Help

We can help jump-start your content marketing with our Blog Creation service, or write & publish articles each month for your site. We also offer Press Release Syndication services to share your business’s biggest accomplishments with the world.

Your success is our success.

The education I have received from Buzzzjet has opened my eyes to the great online marketing opportunities I have been missing.

I suggest, at the very least, booking a discovery call with Kyle. He has some amazing information that can change your marketing techniques for the betterment of your business!!

Margaret J.