About Buzzzjet Online Marketing


I’m Kyle.

But you can call me kyky :o)

I originally founded Buzzzjet in 2011 with the mission of empowering small business owners with technology.

During my final years at UConn we launched Buzzzjet V1, a social media management company. While it was an amazing educational experience, it was certainly not the digital marketing behemoth I had dreamed.

In 2016, I returned to my roots as an entrepreneur and launched Buzzzjet online marketing. Today, we focus on improving website optimization & online reviews for local businesses.

The feedback from business owners was absolutely phenomenal. We helped more new people find their website, which meant more emails and phone calls for the business. Some of those people eventually became customers, which meant more money coming into the business from new customers.

Established businesses were able to achieve five-figure increases in sales, promote new products, launch new locations, and more!

All of this was possible with a well-polished business website and a handful of five-star reviews across the internet. Schedule a call today if you want to learn how to make this happen for your business!

In 2017, we launched our Business Review Software to automatically ask customers for reviews & monitor your business profiles across the web.

This is our first software product for local businesses, allowing you to monitor your entire business presence online, complete with monitoring of over 50+ review profiles!

Stay tuned for our Search Optimization Plans, & Facebook Ad Subscriptions; all expected for release in 2018.

If you would like your business to be a guinea pig with any of our upcoming digital marketing plans drop us an email today, and tell us why your biz would be a perfect fit!