If a website is like your house, than hosting is like the land you build on. There are a million companies offering a similar website hosting service. While all the hosting options technically ‘do’ the same thing, the experience you and your customers encounter will be vastly different.

Shared hosting is the cheapest option out there for your website. It has your site on machines with many other websites. Your new website can be at the mercy of all the other sites in the neighborhood because you all share the same roads, or hardware. You get what you pay for with support.

Managed hosting is the option most businesses choose for their website. These hosting providers cost more and provide excellent customer service and blazing-fast machines, which means you will have less headaches and your customers will be happier. What a wonderful world.

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Shared Hosting

$1.99+ /month ~ iPage Shared Hosting

$3.95+ /month ~ BlueHost Shared Hosting

$4+ /month ~ SiteGround Shared Hosting

$6+ /month ~ HostGator WordPress Host

$10+ /month ~ Crucial Split-Shared Hosting

Managed Hosting

$15+ /month ~ FlyWheel Managed Hosting

$21+ /month ~ Pressable Managed Hosting

$29+ /month ~ WP Engine Managed Hosting

Shared Hosting:

iPage Basic Hosting ~ $1.99 /month

iPage is one of the cheapest shared hosting options, when coupled with the coupon above. The discount brings their hosting plans down to an impressive $1.99 per month when you sign up for website hosting. The killer here is the discount applies to the initial purchase regardless of how many years you purchase, meaning you can lock-in the insane price for years into the future. For that simple reason, you should be thinking about iPage Hosting for your side business or hobby project.

BlueHost Website Hosting ~ $3.95+ /month

BlueHost is one of the largest hosting companies out there. They operate under dozens of other company names, with millions of customers on the same infrastructure. Being the largest, economies of scale allow BlueHost to offer some of the most competitive prices. Bigger is not always better. You get what you pay for in terms of customer support, website speed, and security.  I occasionally use BlueHost for personal projects and other private websites that are not being actively promoted.

Siteground Website Hosting ~ $4+ /month

SiteGround is my favorite shared hosing provider. They are the perfect combination of low cost and excellent support. One of their cheapest hosting options is for WordPress websites, making SiteGround a perfect choice for anyone looking to start building their website on reliable, secure infrastructure.

SiteGround offers specific hosting plans for multiple websites and increased traffic, which will allow your business to grow with customer demand and your site to scale organically as required.

HostGator Website Hosting ~ $6+ /month

HostGator is another shared hosting company located in Texas, and they have been around forever. Some people have been using HostGator for decades and swear by them. They are a solid choice that will not disappoint, and their customer support staff is known to knock it out of the park. If you are looking to host multiple websites under one account, HostGator offers some very competitive plans your should be checking out.

Crucial Shared Hosting ~ $10+ /month

Crucial Hosting is the premier shared web host I’d recommend for businesses. They are definitely geared towards the technical crowd. But might be a great option if you’re looking for a cPanel shared hosting account to manage your site (with LightSpeed & CloudLinux for server & OS, respectively), on some ultra-fast SSD’s sounds appealing for your business, you are in the right place. If you aren’t sure what the last sentence describes, I’d suggest any of the other shared hosting options above.

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