Where Can You Find The Best Business Logo Designers?

The business logo. The simplest way to communicate what your business does.

But how many of us actually take the time to think about the logo you use for your business?

What is arguably the very first impression your business can create for prospective customers is with your logo. Everything from the font choices, to the way the colors dance with each other when you hand your business card out on a sunny day. That first experience is guided by your business logo, and I’d like to share my favorite ways to get your next business logo for a bargain. Full disclosure, affiliate links appear in this post.

$0 ~ Ask a Friend. Expect Mixed Results.

$5 ~ Logo Design on Upwork

$7 ~ Quality GraphicRiver Logos

$300+ ~ Logo Design at 99Designs

$800+ ~ Contract Custom Brand Designer

Ask a Friend for Help ~ $0

While it is the cheapest option for a new business logo, you get what you pay for in many circumstances. While I LOVE to work with creative friends when formulating ideas, I’ll usually have a graphic designer produce the final images. Professional images will look better online and are truly worth their weight in gold. If you’ve invested all this time and money into your business, do you really want to top it all off with a half-assed logo?

Logo Design Services on Upwork ~ $5

Upwork is a great service to contact freelancers from all over the world, have them bid on your current project, and ultimately create the logo of your dreams! Upwork can offer some of the lowest prices because you are haggling with the actual freelancers across the world that will create your logos. Upwork offers many tools to expedite the design process, like secure escrow so projects aren’t paid until you give the thumbs up, online message communication, and project milestones along the way. Because you are negotiating with the freelancers across the world, communication can be challenging, especially when discussing minute details and changes. Nevertheless, it is hard to find a better logo design deal online.

GraphicRiver Logo Design ~ $7

GraphicRiver tends to be my go-to place when it comes to professional logo designs with a fast turn around time. Aside from business logos, GraphicRiver also offers custom font designs, website icon design, and many other graphics design services. The really beautiful thing is with so many services offered, you may very well find one graphic designer to take care of all your business design needs at the time. This sort of batching can save money by having one artist as opposed to 3 or 4 separate artists. The continuity and coherence your business will portray is amazing when all your graphics come from the same artist.

Logo Design at 99Designs ~ $300+

99Designs busted on the scene a couple years back with graphic design options for business owners with more money than time at their disposal. Graphic design packages range from $300 to over $1000 for options to receive dozens and dozens of design examples from tons of artists. Then you can work with your favorite artists to customize the proposed design to your liking. While it sounds excellent and truly delivers a white-glove service, I’ve found 99Designs to be extremely high priced for the work. You can save hundreds by spending a little extra time with one of the lower cost options. That said, time is money, and the option to outsource for quality graphics will always be present.

Custom Contract Logo Design ~ $800+

At the highest end of the spectrum are the options for contracting a graphic designer to create the new logo for your business. Depending on your project budget and deadlines, a freelance graphic designer might be a great option. You’ll get a designer that is dedicated to your project until it is done and you are happy. Of course, you will end up paying for this convenience.

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