Where Do You Get The Best Images For Your Business Website?

What better way to tell prospective customers about what your business can do, than with some great-looking images on your website? While hiring a professional photographer and can be extremely expensive to a small business owner, that doesn’t have to be the only option. I’m going to share some of my favorite places to get professional images for your website without breaking the bank. Full disclosure, affiliate links appear in this post.

If pictures are worth a thousand words, then the images on your website are worth a thousand dollars.

$0Unsplash Images for Free

$5 ~ Bargain PhotoDune Images

$100+ ~ Photos from iStockPhoto

$500+ ~ Contract a Professional Photographer

$1000+ ~ Images from Getty Prestige

Unsplash High-Resolution Photos ~ $0

Unsplash came on the scene a couple years back and they haven’t looked back since. These amazing folks offer up thousands of royalty-free images for personal and business use. The professional photos are edited and ready to drop into your next project. Unsplash has images of nature, technology, people, places, and even some really out-there photos! You’re bound to find some pictures you’ll love for your new website.

Quality PhotoDune Images ~ $5

PhotoDune is probably my favorite place to get images online. You can’t beat the price for the rights to use images online. Prices generally range from $1-$10 depending on the size of the image, meaning you might actually be able to save a little more depending on what type of web project you’re working on. Once purchased, these PhotoDune can be used across your marketing channels, saving money and depicting a consistent experience to customers.

Stock Photography from iStockPhoto ~ $100+

Although the images from iStock can be great quality, I think there is a huge gap between what you pay and what you get. For most business owners that are starting out, the cost alone for these images will be prohibitive. Using a moderate number of pictures, maybe a couple dozen across your site, will leave you with a bill for thousands of dollars. While some projects require this level, most small business owners won’t realize a return on investment for some time.

Hiring a Professional Photographer ~ $500+

Yeah. You can hire a professional photographer to come to your business and take photos for hours. All for less than the licensing cost to use one image from Getty Prestige. I’ve included this option for anyone that seriously considers paying thousands for the rights to a single image. There are amazing independent photographers in your area that would kill for the opportunity to work with a business like yours. Find them and make magic happen.

If you really want to give back to your community, partner with a local high school or tech school graphics department and offer scholarships or other donations in exchange for design work. You’ll provide students with invaluable real-world design experience.

Getty Prestige for Custom Images ~ $1000+

Getty Prestige is the top-tier custom photograph solution from Getty Images. This service will cost you over four figures, but will guarantee more than the other options. This option should only be looked at by established businesses looking to make a tangible impact in their bottom line. 9 times out of 10 you will get better results, have a better experience, and receive greater value from a professional photographer you contract for an entire photo shoot session. You’ll have more photos to choose from, and most of the times the artist behind the lens is the same professional behind the computer editing your images.

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