Your website is your business’ headquarters online, and the design of your site is your first introduction. A professionally designed site lets customers know they are working with a reputable business, and will communicate what level of service to expect.

But beautiful website designs don’t have to cost a fortune. I’ll show you the options and prices you have when choosing the design of your business website. Full disclosure, affiliate links appear in this post.

$0 ~ Free Themes (HINT: You probably don’t want.)

$47 ~ MyThemeShop Themes

$69 ~ Elegant Themes Library

$100 ~ ThemeForest Themes

$1,000+ ~ Custom Designed Theme

Free Themes Online ~ $0

While $0 might sound like a deal, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. You may see valuable WordPress themes offered online as ‘free’. Often, malicious files can be hidden inside and uploaded to your website without your knowledge. While it might only be a possibility, I’ve found it best to play it safe online and steer clear of free themes for live business websites.

MyThemeShop Themes ~ $47

My Theme Shop is a great little WordPress theme shop. Their themes are an excellent deal at only $47 each. MyThemeShop has over 40 blog themes, dozens of magazine themes, and many of other WordPress themes available. While these themes aren’t as advanced as some of the pricier options, you’ll have a tough time finding a better website design bargain online.

Elegant Themes Library ~ $69

Elegant Themes is an amazing WordPress theme designer with an interesting spin:

You get every theme in their library for a price some designers charge for a single theme. For small business owners this means the flexibility to change out your website’s feel on a whim; and with 87 unique themes in their library you’ll never be without options.

For Entrepreneurs, this is a monstrous value. Elegant Themes permits usage on unlimited websites on unlimited domains. You read that right. The restless entrepreneur you are will never be at a loss for website inspiration for your next business idea. Elegant Themes has your first seventy or eighty website designs covered.

ThemeForest Themes ~ $100

ThemeForest is the largest theme marketplace online, with thousands of options ranging from $60-$100, with the vast majority of WordPress themes offered for $59. Themes for sale have Live Previews available, so you can experience the full website before you even think about buying! With lots of advanced filtering options and robust theme descriptions you’ll be able to find a theme that is the perfect theme for your business.

Custom Designed Themes ~ $1,000+

There are many options for a business that wants a custom online experience for their business. Freelance designers can be contracted to create the entire website design, or you might hire separate design and development staff to make your dreams come to life. Check out the portfolio and credentials of every designer you plan to work with to verify their past owrk and competencies. Site like Upwork can be useful to connect with freelance designers, track project milestones, and handle secure payment.

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