Reiki Therapy Website Design

The image above demonstrates the responsive web design of this fabric and craft store website client. We created a clean site with lots of optimized images for both human visitors and search engines.


Platform: WordPress

Business: Alternative Wellness

It’s an amazing feeling to receive appointment requests from new customers in my email, and it lets me focus on sharing my knowledge and experience with others.


Owner, Celestiel Bodies

Website Development Goals

With this website design and development project, we started with a clean slate and designed a truly unique expereince from the ground up to cater to our alternative wellness clientele in Colorado. Our goal with the design of this website is to connect with prospective clients, and well as educate those who are new to Reiki about the benefits of Reiki healing. Exciting fonts, enticing colors, and warm pictures help invoke the feeling of wellness.

Content creation has played an important role in the website development plan, with the blog and educational information demonstrated as a prominent feature of the website. While designing the user experience, we acknowledged that some customers will require additional information and background on Reiki therapy in general before they are confident and willing to request their session online. The blog on this website has been designed to aggregate informational posts about the history of Reiki, what to expect at your Reiki session, as well as success stories and Reiki case studies. A central focus was to allow Celeste, the founder of Celestiel Bodies Reiki, to write the posts that will appear on her website, both educating her customers and demonstrating her absolute wealth of knowledge about the well-being of the human body.