Business Profile Listing Cleaning Service

Comprehensive Local Marketing Service for Retail Businesses

Comprehensive Audit

We’ll scour the web for profiles linked to your business-past or present. Your report includes any issues that need your attention, as well as everything you’ve done right!

Incorrect Citations

Your business name, address, or phone might naturally change with time. These small inconsistencies can compound, dramatically decreasing your business’ local reach.

Done-For-You Citations

Your profile clean-up includes updating your business information across the web, as well as creating new profiles for your business, on your behalf. Any work we do is owned by you, and we’ll provide login details for everything we create.

Find Every Online Profile Connected To Your Business

PAST or PRESENT Business Names, Phone Numbers, Mailing Addresses, and More!

We’ll help you find all of the online profiles connected to your biz, including the ones you forgot about! We’re talking past business names, regardless if they are from you or another owner. We can find phone numbers connected to your business, be it a cancelled phone number or an old fax line that’s not in use anymore.

While it may sound insignificant to your day-to-day business, these business name and mailing address citations are an integral part of your online marketing strategy.

Have you ever looked up a business’ hours online, and then decided to make the drive to the business; only to discover the business hours changed, or the company moved? Prevent these frustrating situations by cleaning up your online presence today.

Local Audit Reports Show The Good & The Opportunities

You’ll Get Visual Confirmation Of Your Business Information, Including What’s Missing.

In order to fix your incorrect business info online, you’ll need to know where the chinks in your marketing armor are located.

Instead of simply focusing on the marketing opportunities, we show you everything. That means everything you and your team are doing right with your business online, as well as the things online that need to be improved.

A Roadmap To Online Success

We’ll Share How To Fix Your Online Presence During Our Success Call.

On top of delivering a comprehensive local marketing report, we’ll walk you and your team through the spreadsheet and explain exactly how we’d fix the most pertinent issues your business is facing online. It could be something as simple as correcting your business name on your Google Maps listing, or creating a new Yelp Profile for your business if you’re missing an important website.

If you’d prefer our team to make everything correct online on your behalf, be sure to check out our Local Profile CLEAN service, where we will create the missing listings and clean up the existing mistakes for your business.