Business Profile Update Service

Comprehensive Local Marketing Service for Retail Businesses

Comprehensive Audit

We’ll scour the web for profiles linked to your business… both past and present. Your report includes any issues that need your attention, valuable missing data, as well as everything you’ve done right!


Incorrect Citations

Your business name, address, or phone might naturally change over time. These small inconsistencies can compound, putting the wrong contact info in your customers’ hands & decreasing your business’ local reach.

Done-For-You Citations

Your profile clean-up includes updating your business information across the web, as well as creating new profiles for your business, on your behalf. Any work we do is owned by you, and we’ll provide login details for everything we create.

Supercharge Your Business Presence

Is Inconsistent Information Holding Your Business Back?

Your business info can change for any reason, whether it’s a new address or a new phone number. The old, incorrect information on the internet will end up hurting your business if not updated.

We’ll find all of the online profiles connected to your business, (including the ones you forgot about). We’re talking past business names, phone numbers, or fax lines, (from you or another owner!).

Have you ever looked up a business’ hours, and then drove to the business; only to discover the business hours changed, or the company moved? Prevent these frustrating situations by cleaning up your online presence today.

Local Audit Reports Show The Good & The Opportunities

You’ll Get Visual Report For Your Business, Highlighting Missing Info.

In order to fix your incorrect business info online, you’ll need to know where the chinks in your marketing armor are located.

Instead of simply focusing on the marketing opportunities, we show you everything. That means everything you and your team are doing right with your business online, as well as the things online that need to be improved.

Then we get to work fixing everything, which involves contacting each business listing individually and submitting updates. At the end you’ll receive comprehensive reports on all work performed.

How Local CLEAN Service Works

Here’s An Overview How Our Local CLEAN Service Works:

1. Local Citation AUDIT

Every Local CLEAN Service is customized to each business. There are no generic lists used here. We’re talking a holistic marketing approach, we can only help you succeed once we’ve documented every mention of your business info online.

2. Outreach & Manual Updates

Every listing & website is different, we’ve created our process over the years to maximize results. We manually reach out to EACH of your business listings in order to update your info. While a bit tedious, we can consistently deliver results. Our excellent relationships with these companies only helps you succeed. We’ll contact each listing as an agent of your business for updates up to 3 times, after which they will be reported as “non-responsive”.

3. Corrected Citations Published

Once your updated information is published and live on the internet, the listing is marked as “completed”. We can’t promise 100% update success rates because we are working with 3rd party companies. We are eccstatic to report that we can fix 80-90% of a client’s incorrect business citations.

4. Comprehensive Report Delivered

You’ll receive a report detailing all of the work that was completed, complete with links to all updated business listings. We’ll also include any recommendations for specific profiles, or areas to focus in the future.