Why Market Your Business Online?



Potential customers are actively searching for you online from around your location


They are constantly reviewing, liking, and sharing their experiences with each other–and the world


And doing so at an exponential rate, from every website, app, and display at their fingertips

Your website is your business’s foundation online.

Make your best first impression with an amazing site.

Your Website

Your business headquarters.

1. Optimize your site for search.


You probably search “facebook” and click the first link in Google, instead of going directly to “facebook.com”.

That’s how most of the world does it. Make yourself present where your customers are looking.


2. Make your site fast.


When’s the last time you left a website because it wouldn’t load? Slow sites are frustrating and lose money.

Amazon found they can increase revenues with a 0.1 second faster site. Keep your website updated & your customers happy.


How We Help

We help with incredible website hosting on our Foundation Plan; which includes website success reports and updates every month. We also offer website enhancements like live chat, email offers, & event calendars to keep your customers engaged.

Prospective customers want to know what to expect.

Help them with real reviews from your past customers.

Your Reviews

Let your customers describe the amazing experience you deliver.

1. Ask your customers.


Reviews from 3rd parties on independent sites can boost your online marketing, & are more powerful than just telling people you’re great.

Imagine saying to a soon-to-be customer, “Check out what’s being said on Facebook/Google/Yelp/Etc.”

Why not ask your next customer to review your business? Share the impact they will have for extra incentive.


2. Ask them frequently.


Being diligent with asking your customers for a review is only half of the puzzle. You also have to make sure they follow through and actually post a review online.

It’s never too early to let your customers know how they can leave you feedback online.

Why not add a link to your email signature asking for a review? You might be surprised by the repsonse!


How We Help

We help with review software that automatically asks your best customers for a review online in Buzzzjet STARS. We also offer a business info AUDIT or directory profile CLEAN-UP service for your retail locations.

Demonstrate your knowledge & show customers you’re the expert.

Help them understand your niche and what differntiates you.


Your Authority

Display your expert knowledge.

1. Your social profiles.


If you’re experienced in your industry; you’ll share the things that interest you on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, et al.

Why not share industry news and content related to your work. Use a tool like Hootsuite to automate your posting!


2. Your blog content.


If you’re extremely knowledgable & a master of your craft, you’ll write unique articles about your customers, industry, or niche.

Help your customers understand the basics of your business. Share your best work in case studies with successful customers!


How We Help

We can help jump-start your content marketing with our Blog Creation service, or write & publish articles each month for your site. We also offer Press Release Syndication services to share your business’s biggest accomplishments with the world.

Online Marketing = Organic Marketing


The Internet never forgets. That’s why your ROI is exponential. The assets you invest in, like a website or blog post, never go away. Even better, your digital marketing investments will grow and mature over time just like a fine wine or mutual fund.
(There’s no silver bullet. Just like financial investing, you can make bad investments online as well.)

Prospective Customers Trust Organic Marketing

What’s more trustworthy:

A plumbing company who tells you that they’re great, OR

Google suggesting a specific company’s name & number after searching “emergency plumber in Hartford”

Obviously we would want our company to be referred in the latter; but how on Earth would we ever get there? It all starts with a digital marketing plan for your business.

Marketing Online Costs Less

We work with businesses daily who are scaling back their overall marketing budget, and growing their business at the same time. While it’s certainly true that you can spend lots of money on the promotion of your business, that’s not the business we’re in.

The objective of marketing online is to get closer to your prospective customers. Expect your marketing costs will wane over time as we hone in on your most profitable customer segments.

Level The Battlefield With Competitors

Every business has competitors, it’s a fact of life. Not all competitors are built the same, however. Maybe there’s an entrenched company in your market with tons of happy customers & a multi-decade business reputation. Give up? Shut down your business? Of course not!

You can gain sentiment with prospective customer, before they even get to your business’ website! That means you can build customer awareness and preference for your brand, instead of fighting for the few leads that your larger competitors pass over.

It’s Google’s search world and we’re just playing in it.

Really. With a stranglehold on the majority of internet searches queried in the United States, (and the world), they have a good lock on the market. So if Google doesn’t know about you, your customers aren’t going to discover your business. That’s why your business should have a relevant, up-to-date presence to communicate key information like your phone number, hours, and address. Customers see this as an attentive business and Google views it as an active business.

That’s why it pays to have a kick-ass website.

Your site has two main functions; 1. To effectively communicate information about your business to prospective customers, and 2. Provide frictionless access to your website’s information for the search engines. The third magical function we like to play with is leveraging the positive relationship your website naturally accumulates over time, coupled with the (world wide) web of business information pertaining to you and your business.

Turn up the heat on your competition.

It gets really interesting when you know what cards to play and when to play them for maximum impact. A new website for your business which incorporates the best of the old with refreshed code and modern advancements, coupled with a targeted social media marketing campaign can speak volumes to the validity and relevancy of your business. The positive reputation with search engines that develops over time can present your business as the most authoritative resource in your local area or industry.

The Buzzzjet Process

ONE: It all starts with the Buzzzjet Digital Marketing Audit. It’s how we interpret where you’re at, so we can understand where you want to be.

TWO: Then we take a little looksie at your competition. We can then take a look at your competition; from national brands to local players.

THREE: Now we can start crafting the plan for your business. Armed to the teeth with buckets and buckets of data, we begin strategy development.

FOUR: Small businesses get the extra special treatment. We take an extra close look on the hyperlocal level to boost your reach. Think Yelp!, Google Maps…

FIVE: Ok. Take a deep breath. That’s a lot of data. But we wouldn’t have it any other way. Now we can really start making smart decisions.

SIX: Friends are fun. If you’re a social butterfly, or the data suggests our customers are… You know where we’ll be.

SEVEN: We hammer out a long-term content strategy. It sounds pretty wild. It’s more like a calendar of things all those friends will love.

EIGHT: With all those pieces, we can really start making waves. Spread the word far and wide about your biz, leveraging your community of ravenously loyal fans.

NINE: If you haven’t had enough at this point, we’re pulling out all the stops. With that infrastructure in place, we can begin running Facebook Ads to prospective customers.

TEN: The King Of All Paid Advertisements. Now we can roll our Adwords Ads to display in Google Search. Even the people under rocks will know.

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